5 Common Home Selling Mistakes

5 Common Home Selling Mistakes

Keep calm and sell on!

If your time has come to finally sell your home, you would understand how energy consuming and emotionally challenging it is. There’s a lot to expect in the selling process and the last thing you want is losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars just by making careless errors. If you’re in the process of selling your home or about to start the rigorous procedure, learn from these top five common mistakes to save you from getting in horrible, expensive situations.

Home Sellers, Listen Up

1. Not hiring professionals for the selling process

Selling a home takes a lot of time, research, and expertise. Not investing in a real estate agent to sell your home is the number one most common mistake people make when trying to sell their home because agents market your home and does  the heavy lifting like scheduling home tours, paperwork, maximizing listing, and the list of hundreds goes on.

2. Avoiding important repairs

Hiding or failing to fix any issues in your home is guaranteed lots of money lost from your wallet. Potential buyers are most likely to assume more things are wrong with the house if they see problems being hindered or not being address. Take the time to update and do some quick fixes to your home if needed. Remember, it’s a lot more expensive to not fix a house.

3. Using unappealing photos

With home listings being mostly online now, having nicely, professionally taken photos to display is the best way to go. Pictures can make or break the interest of potential buyers because that’s how important they are! Make sure the photos you decide to put on listing are clean and showcase your unique features of your property at its best.

4. Not preparing your home

Take the time to decluttering and clean out your home from the inside out. Potential buyers are willing to go through every inch and corner of your home to decide if your house is a yes or pass. Staging your home is also another really great investment when it comes to selling your home because professionals know exactly how to decorate and position your home to make it look sellable.

5. Not complying and mis-pricing

Do your research on the market and come up with a reasonable price value for your home. It’s easy to become emotionally attached because it’s “yours.” People make the mistake of becoming emotionally unstable when selling their home and that’s okay! Look to your real estate agent for guidance and trust in your gut. Over or underpricing your home is a huge no when it comes to selling your home.