6 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Welcoming To Guests

6 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Welcoming To Guests

May all who enter as guests, leave as friends.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday celebration or simply having a couple friends over for wine, give your guests a comfortable and fun experience in the comfort of your home. Make your home a place where gatherings are pleasant and enjoyable. Here are six easy, affordable ways to make your home more welcoming to your guests.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

1. Declutter common areas

First things first, clean! Nothing can make your guests more uncomfortable than walking into a cluttered home. They can feel overwhelmed and sometimes tense. Take the time to clean your floors and remove any excess clutter. Plus, you’ll have a lot more fun when there’s plenty of space to have fun!

2. Create an inviting entry

Establish an obvious place near the entry way for guests to get comfortable. Coat hangers or small entry tables are great ways for guests to make themselves at home. If you also have a “no shoe policy” in your home, create a welcome sign that says so politely.

3. Lighting

Give your guests a great first impression with inviting lighting. If your gathering is during the day, let the natural light shine through to show off your home. At nighttime, be sure to light common gathering areas including hallways to bathrooms.

4. Homey decor

Make your guests feel right at home with unique decor. From centerpieces to mirrors and small accents to flowers, show that your home is where the heart is. Hanging up picture frames of your family are also great conversation starters!

5. Bring a nice aroma

Whether you’re baking a fresh batch of cookies or burning a beautiful candle scent, adding a fresh smell to your home is always welcoming to your guests. It also offers a sense of warmth to your home and can make your guest feel right at home.

6. Make your guests feel at home

All in all, if you’re hosting in your home, you’re expected to offer great hospitality. Offer guests a tour of your home, give them the wifi password, or offer them drinks. If your guests can come all the way to your home for a fun time, give it to them!