Home Stagers: How to Get Organized for the Year

Home Stagers: How to Get Organized for the Year

Have you ever watched people on channels like HGTV whose got their interior design together? They have offices with impressive collections of furniture catalogs, fabric swatches, tiles, and more. The point is, as a home stager, these are the ultimate goals.

Still, reality shows are nowhere comparable to real life scenarios. Many of them are scripted to produce an incredible show for ratings.

Regardless, we don’t need a vast collection of product samples and swatches to define our business. Why? Many of the things we need, the clients already have. So, we don’t need expensive couches and lavish looking decorations to highlight the property.

And if you’re a typical home stager, your desk is probably filled with papers fit for future designs. On top of that, you have business cards, receipts, and sketches of floor plans on the table. Of course, this is nowhere near tv show settings. So how do you get organized?

Often, there’s a lot of paper on the desk that it can be a bit overwhelming.  On top of that, we have emails to sort and dozens of tabs open on the computer screen. This may seem like a home stager’s nightmare, but trust us; it’s actually normal.


Some home stagers in Atlanta like to take notes via phone. Apps like Evernote make this possible, and organization easy. How? Well, they have labels for every note so that they don’t accumulate tons of useless notes.

Folders and Binders

If you’re one of those collectors from magazines, binders and folders might be the best way for you to get yourself organized. You can label them by rooms or styles so that you’re not completely lost in your thoughts and inspirations.

Go Digital

In this day in age, paperless is king. And if you have papers, you can simply scan them via scanner or your phone! See your app store to see which is the most popular phone scanner out there. After that, you can organize your folders however you please through your desktop computer.