How Important Is Staging A Home For Sale?

How Important Is Staging A Home For Sale?

If you are considering selling your home, you know how important staging can be. There is a ton of information on the internet telling you what you absolutely must do when staging your home for sale. But what exactly is staging? And how much does staging really get you? Even in the best seller’s market ever, there are many different opinions dealing with negotiating tactics and strategies. The big question is, who do you listen to? Is it other realtors or sellers themselves? Let’s explore how important home staging is for a home sale!

Staged Homes Sell Faster

Staged homes sell faster than un-staged homes and sell for more money. In addition, 73% of home buyers would not have considered a property if it hadn’t been staged. While over half of homebuyers have said that staging helped them decide not to buy a property.

When a home is staged, the prospective buyer can picture living in the house daily. They get a glimpse of life in that house and what it could look like. Staging a home for sale helps the buyers feel more comfortable about purchasing the home.

How Much Does Staging Get You?

Staged homes sold for more than non-staged homes, and after staging, over 90 percent of sellers said they would recommend staging services to other sellers. On average, sellers that spent on staging their home on furniture staging and accessories before it went on the market sold for more.

On average, some sellers may receive an extra 3% or more on selling their home from home staging. That means if you sell your home for around 500,000, you may get an additional $15,000 plus for the home. Giving you a total of around $515,000 for your home!

Home Staging De-Personalizes Your Home

Home staging helps de-personalize your home, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Staging doesn’t change the layout or structure of your house. Instead, it simply enhances its features and improves its curb appeal with some simple changes in color, furniture, and accessories. In addition, staging helps sellers create an inviting environment where buyers feel welcome, relaxed, and at ease as they tour their potential new homes.

Don’t Forget The Outside

Many buyers will make up their minds about whether or not they want to buy your home before they step inside, so don’t forget about the outside of the house when you’re staging it for sale. Add a pot or two, some flowers, and a bit of landscaping. Your lawn should be well-manicured and free of weeds and debris, and any exterior lighting should be kept clean and in good repair. Consider adding an accent color on the front door or painting shutters in complementary colors.

Staging A Home Hides The Flaws

Staging a home may hide your home’s flaws. Hiding the home’s flaws doesn’t mean you shouldn’t disclose if there is a problem within the house, but it can show prospective buyers that the home can be fixed and is worth the effort. In addition, staging a home gives it a look of perfection. This is what homebuyers want to see. A spotless home.

Staging Your Home Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Staging your home is important to get the most out of it. It is the best thing you can do to get it off the market quickly. Staging is not just putting some furniture in your living room and bedroom. It is strategically placing furniture and accessories throughout your home to give it appeal, thus attracting more home buyers. Staging makes your home look bigger and brighter, and it makes buyers feel comfortable.