How to Stage Large Spaces

How to stage large spaces

Large homes and large rooms can be especially tricky to stage successfully. Staging a home is all about creating an interior design model that facilitates the ability of homebuyers to envision themselves living in that space. The issue that many people run into when staging a large space is either not utilizing the space to the best of its potential, or over cluttering the room with furniture that doesn’t necessarily fit. If you need some advice on how to stage large spaces, try these tips from HR Staging and Design.

Create furniture groupings

Large areas are tricky to stage because you have so much area to cover that it’s hard to settle on how to effectively add furniture to the room. In a small living room area, you may only have one conversation area to fill, usually with a couch and a coffee table.

Before you start adding furniture, decide which areas of the room are good conversation zones. These areas could be the main area where a couch and a coffee table anchor the room, a dining room table, seating next to a reading nook or a couple of chairs in the corner of the room near a window.

Create seating groupings around these areas by adding furniture and area rugs that create seating zones that divide the room up.

Light the Room Up

Lighting can change any room in your home, regardless of how large or how small the area is. If you have a large room, it makes it hard to fill the room with enough lighting without adding a bunch of random lamps and lighting that makes the room feel crowded and clunky.

If you have a large window in the room, you will have plenty of lighting throughout the day, but it is important to have adequate lighting throughout the day. Large shadows can make a room feel small, dark, and dingy. This can make the potential homebuyers feel uneasy about a dim area because they won’t want a room that feels hard to illuminate.

To stage a room for its full lighting potential, add plenty of reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass. This will reflect and light a room, making it feel more inviting.

Scale to the Room’s Size

When it comes to staging a large room, you want to keep the scale of the room in mind. If the room has large walls or tall ceilings, you’ll want to have furniture in the room that is proportionate to the room. You don’t want the walls of a room to dwarf the tables and chairs in there.