How to Stage Your Home Remotely During Covid-19

How to Stage Your Home Remotely

It goes without saying that we are living through an era that will surely go down in history for COVID-19 and widespread social distancing practices. Despite this, business owners are having to find new and innovative ways to operate our businesses and interact with clients. That’s especially true for everyone in the home staging and real estate industries. Try these tips from HR Staging and Design to help you stage your home remotely during COVID-19.

Staging Your Home Remotely

When it comes to staging your home remotely, it is similar to traditional home staging, but it will vary slightly. Because home buyers are going to be viewing more homes online than in person over the next few months, it’s important to make sure that your digital game is on point.

Follow these simple steps to stage your home and then list it while safely social distancing:

Clean and Declutter

As always, you want to make sure that you start your staging process with a neat and clean space. Begin by cleaning and decluttering your home. Be sure to remove all of your personal effects and any items that are unique to your interest. The goal here is to create a space that is more neutral and less personalized.

Ask About Contactless Drop off for Furniture Rentals

If you plan on staging with rented furniture, either from a furniture rental business or a professional home staging company like HR Staging and Design, ask about contactless delivery and set up. Work with your home stagers to find a staging option that works for you while still taking safe and healthy precautions.

Photograph Every Room

Once your home is decorated, it’s time to take pictures. If your home staging company is taking care of taking the photographs then sit back and relax.

If you plan on taking photos yourself, be sure to get plenty of pictures from as many angles as possible. You want to have more than a few options to choose from to ensure that you use the best angles that make every room appears spacious and appealing.

Things to Remember When Listing Your Home Remotely

When it comes to listing properties that you have virtually staged, there are a few different methods that have been used. Popular websites like Zillow offer you a service to post your home online. Additionally, you can work with a real estate agent to list your home on the MLS database.

Whichever option you choose, remember these simple tips:

Upload High-Quality Photos and Videos

Low-quality images and videos from smartphones that are too small, from bad angles, or that don’t load will cost you lead after lead after lead. Listing your home online be sure to use the high-quality images provided by your home staging company or that were taken with a professional-grade camera.

Provide Detailed Information About Your Home

Because virtual open-houses and virtual home showings are more popular than ever during COVID-19, you want to be sure that you provide as much information about the property as possible. Include square footage for every room and additional details that help viewers get a full understanding of your home.