3 Perfect Ways to Stay Organized in the Bedroom!

3 Perfect Ways to Stay Organized in the Bedroom!

A beautiful home starts with organization. When your home is organized, you’re more inclined to maintain the cleanliness of your space. Not only will you feel proud of yourself, but your guest will admire the transformation.

The following are some ways you can start:

Inside the dressers…

1. Use dividers. If your dressers have dividers, you’re off to a good start. If not, invest in dividers so that you have compartments. When it comes to storing your jewelry, underwear, and socks, they should always have an allocated space. Dividers are the best line of defense when you have varying sizes of items in one drawer.

2. Frequently used clothes come first. When you’re organizing your drawers, think of the things you use the most. Underwear should be on the top, while other seasonal things such as bulky sweaters go on the bottom.

3. Do not overstuff. You may want to avoid overstuffing your drawers by auditing your items. The idea behind this is to stay organized instead of cramming things too close to each other. If you have to remove at least six different sweaters in one drawer to get to one, it’s best not to deal with the mess by hanging them in the closet instead.

Inside the closet…

1. Purchase matching hangers. While matching hangers, will not solve your problem, it will give you the motivation to organize. With a
consistent flow of uniformity, your closet will look clean. Give yourself a favor, and do not collect those dry-cleaning hangers for yourself.

2. Use protectors. Protecting your shoes from collecting dust, and normal wear and tear is important to your shoe investments. To those who have no built-in shoe storage, try using shoebox plastic bins. They’re better than stacking up your shoes together as they protect them from each other. If you have space underneath your bed, purchase an under-bed bin. That way you can store your off-season shoes and revisit them when the season permits.

Utilize the linen closet…

1. Have a designated shelf for linen. Dispersing your towels, sheets, and other linens into one closet will drive you crazy. Instead, divide one designated shelf for every item. For example, your bedsheets can go on the top; towels can go on the bottom, etc.

2. Keep all sets together. For example matching pillowcases should be together instead of miss-matching.

When it comes to the ultimate organization, get rid of junk. Those old frayed towels and stained bedsheets has to go.