How to Stage Small Spaces for Big Results

How to Stage Small Spaces for Big Results

Whenever you stage small spaces in homes or apartments that are going to be viewed by potential buyers, you want to make sure that you are making the most out of the space to ensure that it feels the right size! This may mean that you have to stage a small room in such a way to make it appear larger than it is. This is a specialty of ours over here at HR Staging & Design. Not only can staging small spaces look good, but it can also help your home sell faster too! Here are our tips for staging small spaces to get the biggest results!

#1 Don’t Leave the Room Empty

It may seem counter-intuitive to fill a small room with staging items and furniture if you are trying to make a small space look large! The reality is that if you leave a room completely empty you: A) will not get to take advantage of the benefits of home staging, and B) you don’t give homebuyers anything to use as a frame of reference. This can work to your disadvantage because many people lack the ability to perfectly envision their belongings in a space without some sort of example to base it on.

This will create a doubt in the homebuyer’s mind that the room will have adequate seating space.

So DO make sure that the room that you are showing is staged and not empty. That being said, you will want to stage the small spaces with the right size and style furniture.

#2 Choose the Best Seating Arrangement

When it comes to staging a small space, it can be easy to overload the area with too much seating. Even if you haven’t used a lot of furniture, the seating arrangement can make it feel that way. That’s why it’s crucial that you choose the best seating arrangement for the room that you are staging.

Assuming that you are staging a living room, you want to choose a focal point to stage the room around. This focal point can be the fireplace, the window, or a small coffee table. Whichever focal point that you choose, make sure that you place the seating in such a way that promotes conversation and interaction. This will make sure that the seating schema gives off the vibes that you would want from your living room.

#3 Stage With Compact Furniture

In addition to staging small spaces around a focal point, you will want to stage the area with downsized furniture. The space that you are staging is small enough as it is, so try to avoid cramping it up with large, bulky furniture, sectional couches, or bulky wood coffee tables.

#4 Brighten up the Space

If you want to stage a small space to make sure that it appears large and spacious, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of the right ighting. As we move well into spring, this shouldn’t be an issue! Make sure that you keep the blinds open and opt for overhead lighting where possible.