Staging and Furnishing trends 2016

Staging and Furnishing trends 2016

The practice of home staging brings pleasing results to homeowners who are looking to quickly sell their property. Home staging aesthetically prepares a house for the real estate market to generate the highest amount of buyers. Additionally, the use of home staging could increase the value of property because of its attractive design towards prospectors. If you’re looking to work on a home staging project, the following are some tips that you may find useful.
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Home Staging Tips for 2016 That You Should Try

Getting rid of clutter has been a vital aspect of home staging. You want to set a property that will help buyers envision the home of their dreams, and this means tidying the home by selling, donating, storing, or disposing of junk!
Make More Closet Space – Common areas are not the only places that need to be decluttered. Home buyers will look at closet space! Declutter your closet to make them appear larger.
Opt for Accented Walls – Many home stagers are now embracing the idea of accent walls. While the majority of walls is recommended to be painted in neutral shades, try adding a bold color to a single wall.
Freshly Painted – One of the best investments in home staging is painting the walls. There’s nothing more presentable than having a property looking fresh and clean.
Stay Away from Aromas – Avoid using fragrant flowers or scented candles before an open house. While it might smell appealing to you, certain scents might be off-putting to others. This could easily make potential buyers run towards the competition.

Use Contemporary Furniture

Many home staging companies give you the benefit of renting modern furnishings that will help your home stand out. Stay away from traditional furniture that may appear uninteresting to the eyes of buyers.