Staging Your Home With the New Colors of the Year

Staging Your Home With the New Colors of the Year

Every year, the hottest color trends change and your home needs it for staging, too! Try these trendy colors that will make your home pop this year. Having a home with fresh, new painted colors and decor is never a bad thing and is always worth the change.

The New Colors of the Year

Colors bring life to any empty spaces. Whether you have a big or small house, you can use colors to trick your eyes and make everything more appealing. And since we are over the millennial pink for 2017, welcome new colors for your home staging this year. Make your home stand out from others by creating a fresh and new look that you can easily pull off! Here’s how to stage your home with the new colors of the year.

1. Deep Onyx

Also known as Classic Black, this neutral may be intimidating at first. But it makes a contemporary vibe when paired with crisp white furniture and metallic home accents. Bring out contrast to any bedroom by using bright decorations.

2. Cliente

A bright red hue is surely best paired with airy and peachy tones. Make a bold statement by combining it with neutrals to play it safe or with other brighter hues to create a cheerful vibe. You can also make your wall pop by using this lavish shade to your gallery wall.

3. Oceanside

A blue-green shade is destined to shine this 2018. It is a true color of wanderlust that will remind you of tropical vacations. You can use this shade to outfit an entire living room or dress up the bathroom.

4. Behr’s In The Moment

This light blue hue brings a calm and peaceful vibe that is perfect for a rustic-themed interior. Perfect for a beachy look, pair it with crisp white and neutrals. You can also use dark wood furniture and light linens to create a cool accent.

The Bottom Line

Colors sure bring out the best in a home aside from its decor and overall aesthetic. Don’t underestimate the power of the new colors of the year!