Ways to Hack Home Staging Costs

Ways to Hack Home Staging Costs

Home staging may cost you chunks of money– if you allow it to happen that way. But even though many homeowners think that these home staging costs are beyond their reach, there are some ways to hack these costs. Staging a home on a budget is not impossible, and it’s not as difficult as you think.

How to Hack Your Home Staging Costs

Home staging plays a vital role in getting ready to sell your home. While some may believe in different misconceptions about home staging, you shouldn’t be held back because of those. Home staging professionals are experienced working with clients with different budgets and needs. Home staging costs can be greatly reduced if you tackle a few projects yourself as a homeowner and then work with your stager to cut costs where you can. Here are some ways you can hack your home staging costs.

1. Increase your curb appeal

First impressions don’t get second chances. That’s why it is important to keep your curb appeal enticing to attract potential buyers to look inside and see more. Manicure the lawn, trim the bushes, and weed all flower beds. Simple changes will add tons of curb appeal.

2. Maximize space with the 90-day rule

Temporary removal of unnecessary clutter and personal items is important especially if you want to sell your home quickly at a desirable price. When you declutter your home, you’ll be amazed at how much space you still have.

3. Stage rooms with a purpose

Just because a chair has sat in the corner of the room for ten years doesn’t mean it has to stay there until you sell it. Breathe new life into spaces through rearranging with purpose. Be creative and make sure each room serve a single purpose.

4. Pay attention to details

Don’t just outfit the master’s bedroom– detail every room with decor and color. Also, don’t forget to fix any broken plates and replace them with grade plates to make a great impression.

5. Let the light in

Remove treatments if they block too much light and use lamps to highlight darker areas. Replace globes and light bulbs in light fixtures, so they all glow evenly.