Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Home Staging

Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Home Staging

As a real estate agent, you know how important it is to create a great first impression for homebuyers when they walk into a property that you have listed. You want buyers to feel like they could really see themselves living in that home for many years to come. When you get that kind of response from buyers, you know you’re going to receive a good offer on the property. Home staging can help you illicit that response from homebuyers. Getting home buyers to fall in love with your property is the number one reason why real estate agents should use home staging from HR Staging and Design!

Home Staging Is an Affordable Tool for Helping You Sell Homes

As a real estate agent, you know that selling a home is not always easy. But with home staging is a tool that you can use to help convince home buyers that a property can be the right fit for them. Home staging allows you to decorate a home with furniture and decor that demonstrates to your clients the potential of the home by demonstrating what a lived in home looks like. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of them trying to picture what the family room or kitchen will look like once there is furniture in there. Home staging is a tool, use it!

Stage Homes Look Better in Pictures

In 2020, in-person open houses declined and most home buyers were looking online for homes and condos to rent. This means that the listing that you place online needs to stand out in images and in video tours. A great way to make your listings stand out is by having the properties professionally staged and decorated to maximize the effectiveness of images. When compared side by side, images for properties that are staged look more appealing that pictures of empty rooms.

Staged Homes and Apartments Sell Faster

Did you know that as many as 77% of buyer’s agents report that home staging actually helps with closing the deal? That’s because home staging is an effective tool that real estate agents can use to persuade home buyers that a home can be the right home for them. This is because home staging allows buyers to envision spaces within the home as they would look like one they are occupied. In fact, home staging can even increase the value of the offers that come in by as much as ten percent!

HR Staging and Design in Atlanta

HR Staging and Design is an Atlanta based home staging and interior design company that helps homeowners and real estate professionals decorate their homes to maximize the perceived value of the property. We can help you stage any home, apartment, or condominium in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your home staging consultation.