5 Ways to Bring Style To Your Dorm Room

5 Ways to Bring Style To Your Dorm Room

Dorm sweet dorm.

As another school year begins on your college campus, an inspiring dorm to go to after a long day of studying and lectures can help you feel at home away from home. The dorm life may not always be easy to share with a roommate, but who said you can’t make it your own? With exciting colors, an aesthetically pleasing theme, and a play with textures, there are many creative ways to spruce up your dorm room to make your college experience a lot more fun and memorable. Here are five easy ways you can instantly bring style to your dorm space.

Spruce up your dorm space

1. Pick out fun bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your room because it takes up most of the space. Get yourself a bedding set that’s not only comfy, but reflects your style. You’ll be seeing this every time you enter your dorm so be sure you love it! Picking out a distinctive bedding also helps you get an idea of an overall theme for your dorm. Decorate around your bedding with other accents and decor you put around your room.

2. Think about lighting

You won’t have an electricity bill to worry about, so add in additional lighting to keep your dorm functional for studying and unique for a positive atmosphere. Add a fun desk lamp to your workspace or another popular trend is stringing christmas lights around the border of your room.

3. Dress up the walls

Blank walls and empty space are always an eye-sore. Hang up your favorite inspirational quotes, pictures of your family and friends, and fun artwork to cover those boring white walls. But the fun doesn’t stop at the walls, you can decorate your floors with cozy area rugs as well as your entryway and closet doors.

4. Get creative with storage

The space in a dorm room is limited, so it’s important to get your creative juices flowing to create additional storage space. Who likes to live in a messy, unorganized dorm room? Use organizing accessories or drawers that can fit under your bed, in your closet, or in your desk.
There are also fun storage cubes that can also be used for seating!

5. Add your personality

Anybody in college knows how hard it is to live away from home. Furnish your dorm room with things that remind you of what you love. Whether if its pieces from home, polaroids of your best friends, or a distinctive candle that reminds you of your family, having a piece of home right in your college dorm can help you feel at ease whenever you get homesick.