6 Tips For An Affordable Home Staging Project

6 Tips For An Affordable Home Staging Project

The housing market right now is absolutely hot. Properties are getting sold left and right at a higher price than appraised. If you’re thinking about selling your property then now is the time to do it. In order to get your home sold quickly, it’s best to post pleasing photos of your property when putting it on the market. Your home could be in trouble before it even gets an offer. A sure way to prevent any issues is to consider home staging. If you don’t know how to do that then here are 6 tips for an affordable home staging project.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is when you design your home in a certain way to attract more customers. This can take the form of taking professional photos to post online. Home staging can also mean getting new furniture or appliances for said professional photos. Basically, home staging is working with a professional or real estate agent to ensure your home looks the very best.

1. Show It Off In The Beginning

The best way your property attracts the right buyer is to post the perfect snapshot of your home. This means putting a photo of your home from the front curb. By putting this photo it also allows people to not waste time scrolling through photos to see the front of the home. In some cases, if the home needs work then the seller will put a picture of the home at the end of the gallery. We recommend taking photos of your home during the day and in a bright setting.

2. Use Daylight And Bright Photos

This should be a no-brainer for some, but we’ll remind you again! Take photos of the exterior and interior of your property during the day and in a bright setting. This will allow your home to look it’s very best. In fact, brighter photos tend to be received better by the viewer. It also doesn’t hurt that this tip will make the best home staging project for your property.

3. Limit The Amount Of Pictures Taken

If you’re hiring a professional home stager then be aware of the number of photos being taken. Photographers might charge you more if additional photos are being taken. In some cases, they might only charge for the photos being taken and not the after-effects edits. Don’t overlook edits because they can make your home stand out that much more. Be sure to work with the photographer about rates before agreeing to anything. Also, only need photos of what is needed.

4. Declutter Your Spaces

Are you a bit of a packrat that collects unnecessary items? Well, don’t keep storing them because it can hurt your chances of selling your home. Any broken-down cars parked up in the driveway is proven to lower your property value. The same goes for any clutter inside of the home. Be sure to discard those unwanted items or junk cars. Decluttering your home will also help in the home staging process as it can appear more welcoming in photos. If some items are still worth of value then possibly sell them.

5. DIY Everything

The biggest tip on cutting costs during a home staging project is to do it yourself on everything. Calling in favors with a photographer friend for photos can be cost-effective as opposed to hiring a professional. Any renovations can be done yourself if researched correctly online. Use the power of the internet to gather as much information as possible. Learning how to paint a wall or anything of the like will lower your cost when selling your property.

Lastly,y remember these 6 tips for an affordable home staging project to get your home sold quickly.

6. Research Home Staging Companies

As mentioned before, use the power of the internet to gather as much information as possible. This also means researching the different types of home staging companies. Every company will have different rates for different packages so it’s important to keep all of that in mind if hiring a professional.

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