6 Important Questions to Ask Your Home Stager

6 Important Questions to Ask Your Home Stager

Did you know that staged homes, on average, sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes? According to industry data, investing in a home stager is worth your while if you’re looking to sell your home quickly and efficiently. While we have already gone over tips for staging your home, here are important questions to ask a home stager if you choose to work with one. They are, after all, the professionals in this situation.

Questions to Ask Your Home Stager

1. How many days are your homes typically on the market?

This question is great to get a gauge for how quickly their staged homes sell. Typically, you’ll be looking for someone who is able to sell a home within 30 days or less.

2. What are the listing prices of homes you stage?

Someone with experience doing luxury homes is great, but if you’re looking to sell your $250,000 home than you will want to know that your home stager has done similar homes to yours.

3. What projects can I tackle myself?

Remember, not every room in the house requires staging. A trustworthy home stager will be honest about what rooms to avoid that will help you save money. A good home stager will offer guidance and support during this process.

4. What’s your rate?

Asking how much their rates are is a pretty valuable question even if it seems like an obvious question. Most stagers are known to charge monthly fees, but you can also find some that charge per room. Remember to only stage a few rooms if you are tight on cash and get quotes to remain in your housing budget.

5. How much time will it take?

Depending on how large your home is it could take 1-2 days. Stay cautious if a home stager says it will take longer. Remember, time is money.

6. Can I see photos of your past staged homes?

Getting a feel for their style and past homes is a great way to check out their design aesthetic. Home stagers will be showing their best work, but feel free to ask for images of more recently staged homes.