7 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

7 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

While it may seem like a fun idea to re-paint your home, it can be quite the challenge trying to pick the right paint color. The amount of color choices can be overwhelming and you might be asking yourself, “where do I even begin?” However, don’t let the fear of choosing the right paint color stop you from painting your home.

Tips for Choosing Paint Color for Your Home

Remember that not every color will suit your home or style. Be mindful that every room has a different function and purpose. The paint color you select should work well with your furniture and décor. Below are some great tips for selecting the perfect color that is right for you and your space.

Do your research

Pull paint swatches, test a paint samples and live with a small portion of the paint on your wall before committing to an entire room with the color. This allows you to see what the color will look like at different hours of the day. With sunlight, in the dark, blinds closed, etc. Take pictures of the space and gradually decide which color you like the best.

Get inspired

Pull out your favorite home décor magazine, watch some HGTV, and even take notes on your neighbors and friends homes. Another great way to get inspired is to take a look at the things you have in your home. Reminisce on any artifacts, paintings, or even your favorite linens. All of this will make choosing the right paint color a whole lot easier.

Take your time

Since this color will be with you for a long time, make sure to take your time with it. Do not rush the process and pick a color you think will be right for your space. Play around with the different tones and test a few colors on the wall.

Focus on function of the home

Remember that every room plays a different role in your home. If you’re looking to paint the master bedroom because you want a warm and inviting space without feeling too dark, then consider a warm undertone in medium to light shades.

Warm and Cool tones

When painting your home, it is important to remember that there are warm tones and there are cool tones. Warm tones include reds, oranges, and yellow while cool tones include greens, blues, indigo, and violet. Warmer tones can add brightness and cool tones create a relaxing environment.


If a room gets little to no light, you might consider a cooler tone to brighten the space. If a room gets a lot of light, consider painting the space with a deeper, richer color.

Individual preference

At the end of the day it is crucial that you go with your style and what makes you happy. Don’t let others influence you to pick a color they think is right for your space. Like we mentioned in tip number three, it is important to take your time and pick a paint color that is right for you and your home.