Top 6 Upgrades that Pay Off at Resale

Top 6 Upgrades that Pay Off at Resale

If your home’s time has come to finally sell, prepare for a long road! With the process of paperwork, agents, market listing, and more, there is so much to consider when it comes to selling your home. Luckily, there are many ways that you can make the selling process a much more smoother ride. Never underestimate the power of upgrades. Investing in minor upgrades for your up-for-sale home is absolutely worth it as it brings more potential buyers and a higher price point. Check out our top six upgrades to consider when selling your house on the market.

6 Upgrades to Consider When Selling Your Home

1. Landscaping

Increase your home’s curb appeal by getting a bit of landscaping done. Highlight the exterior of your home by professionally trimming greenery or even adding colorful plants to give the home character. Another option for landscaping is completely transitioning your front yard to a low-maintenance landscape to give potential buyers room to visualize their plans for the home.

2. Bathroom

Everybody loves a good bathroom. Doing minor upgrades to bathroom that needs it will definitely pay off at resale. Replace old lighting fixtures or tiling that will look appealing to potential buyers.

3. Kitchen

Don’t expect to do a full remodel with your kitchen (if you’re on a budget, of course), but doing minor changes will definitely get buyers extremely interested. Get rid of stained sinks, ancient appliances, or other features of your kitchen that needs attention. Remember, the kitchen is what home buyers look at the most so you want to capture a good first impression.

4. Flooring

Away with worn carpets and rugs! Flooring can be huge deal when it comes to potential buyers. Although it’s a cosmetic concern, getting your floors professionally clean will absolutely make a difference in every open house.

5. New paint

Take a look at your home’s paint and consider giving it a new paint job wherever it’s needed. Try sticking to neutral colors instead of crazy colorful theme. You want potential buyers to visualize their home concept when taking a look at your house for the first time.

6. Energy costs

Everybody is always looking for an energy-efficient home. Take the time with a professional to go through the entire house and look for areas that can be improved. Even installing energy-efficient fixtures can add a whole lot of value.