Color Matters in Home Staging

Color Matters in Home Staging

When you want to sell your home, you want it to be ready for the market. Carefully assess it with a home stager to see if your home is presentable for buyers. Depending on the market, your staging plans could highlight the fireplace or a simple renovation of your kitchen. These factors all varies, and it caters to attract the most buyers. But let’s go back to the basic; the easiest way to prepare your property is looking at your paint color.

Many blogs and tv shows have gravitated buyers to decorate their home according to color. When you easily master the dynamics of colors, you can set the stage to many potential offers.

Staging is Not Just About the Neutral Colors

We’ve talked about having neutral colors for your home to create a basic home staging success. But when you want to attract more buyers, you want to master the right colors that speak to buyers. The color white doesn’t exactly cut it anymore. Instead, let your home show its personality. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your property with splashes of colors so when you’re with a home stager, strategize on a plan that drives customers to make an offer. Sometimes, the best way to do this is by keeping accent colors into your home.

For example, if you’re selling a beach house, focus on colors that really speaks the waters. Select hues of blues to make this happen as you stage it for a beachy appearance. Plan on a color scheme that customers will say, ‘I gotta have this home now!’

Don’t Stage With a Color Clutter Home

Just like all the clutter in your house, you want to get rid of color clutter. Everything in the home has to have a consistent vibe. From the moment they walk in the door, you want to make sure the property isn’t having an identity crisis. Let’s go back to the beach house. If the bedrooms have a beach-feel to it, you want that tied in with the living room, kitchen, and everywhere else in the house. Simply putting rustic vibes in a kitchen and working with shabby chic furniture for the living room might turn away your buyers. We cannot stress enough of consistent work.