Ways to Create a Home Office

Ways to Create a Home Office

There are so many fun ways to create a home office and the best news is that you get to customize it however you like. Forget that boring cubicle with uncomfortable chairs and smelly neighbors. This home office is all about you and designed exactly the way you like.

To get started, designate a place in your home that you would like to call an office. Either this room is already an office or you are transforming Sally’s room because she is away at college.

Whatever the case may be, have fun with it and go to town on design, décor, and everything that will make you want to WORK!

Find a Great Chair

At the end of the day, you are sitting in this thing for hours on end. Unless you are one of those health nuts that enjoy walking on the treadmill while taking a business call, get yourself a comfy chair. But, no judgment either way. A comfortable seat is worth the extra dime so take some time on researching the best chair for you.


Position yourself in a location you will look forward to sitting in. If there is a window in this room, then position yourself to face the view because staring at a door or wall is not very exciting.


Who doesn’t love a good accessory? This is your office so pick out accessories you love that will make you smile and excited to use every day. For example, a bulletin board with lots of colors or a fun design that will get you motivated. Sticky notes, artwork, bookshelves, and tape dispensers are also fun ways to accessorize.

Organize Accordingly

While your home office may be different from that boring 8’x12’ cubicle, there may not be a whole lot of space to work with. Invest in some great storage space for extra papers and extra office equipment.

A fun office hack is hanging floating shelves for a printer, extra papers, and books.

Comfy Space

Every now and then you will want to move around and get a break from your computer screen. A comfy space away from your desk is a great way to take those much-needed breaks.

Careful not to make things too comfortable because we do not want anyone falling asleep on the job. A couch, lounge chair, and ottoman are great ways to add comfort to your office.

Mini Fridge

Everyone loves to eat. To avoid having to walk to your kitchen (so far!) add a mini-fridge to your office. This removes any temptations of staying in the kitchen too long when you are feeling distracted or lazy. Add some healthy snacks, teas, and coffee to give you that boost of energy you need to finish strong.