5 Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Home

Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Home

“I have far too much storage space.” -Said no one ever.

There is always a need for more storage space in any home. Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a 5-bedroom estate, we all seek more space to keep our homes spacious and welcoming. No matter how big or small your living space is, there are many ways to maximize space for additional storage. Here are five easy ways to free up extra storage space to use at your leisure.

Utilize More Storage Space With These Tips

1. Get rid of stuff

First things first, declutter. You will never achieve extra storage space with excess stuff lying around your house. Take the time to go through what you need to keep and what you can part with. It can be easy to live beyond our needs, but when we learn how to minimize on our necessities, we feel a lot better in the space that we live in. Consider donating or having a yard sale for some extra cash in your wallet.

2. Look to unused wall space

Take a good look around your home for empty walls you can put to use. There are many ways to unleash your creativity by adding additional storage space without breaking the bank. If you have an empty staircase, consider building a floating shelf. No room in the kitchen? Get creative with a pot rack you can hang on a blank wall. Cluttered garage? Maybe hang up a tool rack for easy organizing and access to tools. In addition, think vertically, as things placed horizontally can fill up a space a lot quicker.

3. Invest in purpose-built storage

If you’re looking to invest in some quality furniture, try looking for built-in storage furniture (They’re quite popular!) From storage beds, ottomans and benches, purpose-built storage makes all the merrier when it comes to creating more storage space that doubles as furniture. These items always makes cleaning up a breeze and opens up a space a lot more.

4. Give unused rooms a purpose

Have the luxury of spare rooms? Put it to use! Lofts, home offices, and even children’s bedrooms are perfect examples of how you can double up a space for more storage. But don’t just throw your items in a room to sit. It’s common for people to transform an entire room as a closet space or a home office/guest bedroom. Have fun with it!

5. Stay organized

Having a well-maintained and organized home always gives a roomy, comfortable feel. Make it a habit to clean up after yourself and remember, to tidy up when life can be a bit hectic. You could even opt for organizing accessories in the kitchen, at desks, in living rooms, and even bathrooms for an easy stow-away for smaller items.