6 Tips for Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorating

6 Tips for Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorating

What better way to give back to the planet this holiday season than being energy-efficient? With lots of Christmas lights and chilly weather upon us, it can be a challenge to use less electricity this time of year. Luckily, there are ways to reduce energy in our homes this winter. Check out these six simple tips you can do to give the earth a great Christmas this season.

6 Ways to Use Less Energy This Holiday Season

1. Switch to LED Christmas lights

Did you know that LED Christmas lights uses up to 90% less electricity than traditional Christmas lights? And on the plus side, they’re very inexpensive. Make the switch to LED lights this season and save on your electric bills. You can also decrease your electrical lighting with reflective decor like ornaments, tinsel, silver bells, and even metallic ribbons.

2. Use timers to lights

If your Christmas tree or lights doesn’t already come with a timer, make the investment in one. Make it a habit to leave your lights off whenever you’re not home or come up with a system for your timer to go off when you leave your home or go to bed. Timers help immensely if you have trouble remembering or live in a bigger home.

3. Decorate with candles

Not only does candles give off a warm, cozy ambiance, but they’re great for reducing your electricity bill. Light them around your home, but don’t forget to extinguish them before heading to bed or heading out. Remember to keep them out of reach of small children and pets!

4. Turn down the thermostat during gatherings

With the holidays comes lots of dinners and gatherings. If you’re hosting in your home, turn down the heat. Extra bodies in your home give off more warmth. And the best part? There is no extra cost for you.

5. Use rechargeable batteries

Whether you’re buying or receiving gifts that require batteries, choose to purchase rechargeable batteries instead. Rechargeable batteries reduce waste and electricity. With modern day advancements, there is no reason to buy disposable ones anymore!

6. Take a stroll to the see the lights

It’s quite popular this holiday season to get in your car with your loved ones and take a drive around the neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights. Make this year different by taking a walk instead. Not only do you get to burn off those extra calories, but you save money on gas and gas emissions into the air.

7. Be energy-smart in the kitchen

With gingerbread cookies and lots of pies in the making during the holiday season, choose to bake and cook several dishes at once. Make the most of your oven by saving the power and heat!