Home Staging Hacks That Help Your Home Sell

Home Staging Hacks That Help Your Home Sell

Staging a home or a property when it is vacant is pretty simple— you bring in furniture and decorations that make the home look occupied. But if you are trying to sell your home while still living in it, you may run into a few issues that stem from people actually living in the house. When your home looks too lived in, it can turn potential buyers away. Luckily, HR Staging & Design is here with home staging hacks that help your home sell faster, even when you still live there!

Use Display Towels and Pillows

When potential home buyers walk through your home during a showing, the two areas that are the most significant tend to be the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. One way to make each of these spaces truly stand out is by accenting the rooms with display towels and decorative pillows that match the colors and styles of the walls.

Take all of the towels and pillows that you use on a daily basis and keep them out of sight. Replace these towels with brand new display towels and throw pillows. You can go out and purchase inexpensive decorative towels that you use to decorate your home.

Remove Clutter!

In addition to adding decorative towels, pillows, and plants, you want to remove clutter from the home in order to keep things looking clean and minimalist.

Go through your home and remove anything that does not serve the purpose of decorating your home. This means removing piles of paper and mail, toys, and personal belongings from sight so that potential buyers’ attention is not diverted from the home’s features to the mess.

Remove All Pet Stuff

While you may love all of your furry friends, it’s always a gamble when it comes to potential home buyers. The sign of pets living in a home can put some people off because they may assume that there will be damaged flooring from sharp nails and urine. The safest bet would be to remove all of your pet stuff from the home when it is being shown as well as thoroughly cleaning up after your pets to make sure that no pet hair and pet dander are left behind.

Keep Cords and Electronic Devices out of Sight

In areas where you have TVs, computers, landlines and ethernet cables (if you still have them), you want to make sure that all of the cables and power cords are out of sight. Cables and cords look messy and clutter areas. Take all the cables you can find and place them in a bin and put them away. For cables that you cannot remove from sight, secure them to the leg of tables, to the baseboards, and to the walls so that they are not all over the palace.

Hire a Professional Home Staging Company

When you hire a professional team of home staging and interior designers, you are hiring a team that has the expertise and resources to help you stage your home successfully. A professional home staging company knows what home staging trends are in style and help attract buyers who will jump at the opportunity to purchase your home. Contact HR Staging and Design in Atlanta today!