Home Staging Questions To Ask Your Home Staging Company

Home Staging Questions To Ask Your Home Staging Company

Have you been thinking about selling your home? Don’t even think about listing it without first hiring a professional home staging company! A home staging and design company can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price by decorating your home in a way that appeals to home buyers and helps them envision themselves living there. Hiring a home staging company is a no brainer, but how do you know when you’re dealing with the right home staging company for you? Before hiring a home staging company, be sure to ask them these questions about home staging, or speak with our Atlanta home staging and design team directly!

Are you insured?

Any professional home staging and design company that is operating legitimately will be covered by insurance in the event that they break or damage anything in your home. A professional home staging company will rarely ever damage your home but it’s important for them to have insurance in the event that it ever does happen. Don’t work with any company that does not have the proper liability insurance as you will be on the hook for any damage that they cause.

Do you have a portfolio and client testimonials/

How do you know when a home staging and design company is right for you? Take a peek at their portfolio of work and ask them for any previous client testimonials. At HR Staging and Design in Atlanta, we have a portfolio and customer reviews for you to look at on our website! All in one spot so it’s easy for you to find.

Do you do home staging or redesign?

There is a difference between home staging and redesign. With home staging, a staging company will decorate your home with furniture and decor that they own or rent. Redesign on the other hand uses the decor that is already in your home to stage the home for listing pictures and open house tours.

How do you choose what goes in a home?

At HR Staging and Design, our team of interior designer specialists go through your home and conceptualize what decor will go into staging your home. Typically the home staging decor will be selected to complement your home and to highlight the beauty of your home’s architecture.

HR Staging and Design Home Staging in Atlanta

HR Staging and Design is a home staging and interior design company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in staging homes and apartments for sale in order to create a setting where potential buyers can imagine themselves living. It’s been proven that home staging helps homeowners sell their property faster and for a higher price! When you’re ready to have your Atlanta home or apartment staged, reach out to our design team! We’re ready to help you with all of your home staging needs.