Home Staging Tips for Selling a Home In Summer

Home Staging Tips for Selling a Home In Summer

Home Staging Tips for Selling a Home In Summer

It’s summertime and homes are selling fast. It’s a busy time for everyone, including buyers. If you want to get top dollar for your home, you need to get it primed and ready for showings in no time. No matter if you’re throwing a housewarming party or just finally cleaning out your basement, make sure to follow these home staging tips.

Keep Your House at a Cool Temperature

The best way to make your home feel welcoming this summer is with a nice cool temperature. The last thing you want to do is invite the heat in and get everyone clammy! Make sure that air conditioning, fans, and open windows are all working properly so that no one has to suffer through unbearable humidity. Remember: it’s easier for potential buyers if they can envision themselves living in the house when it’s not blistering hot outside.

Keep your A/C at 70 degrees and don’t forget to dehumidify your house.

Show that the Grass IS Greener

Water costs, along with water bans, can make keeping your landscape green and welcoming a hard task. However, it is imperative that your landscape is healthy and looking great when you put your home on the market. You can use more efficient methods, but don’t let these hurdles affect how beautiful your property looks to prospective buyers!

You may opt to irrigate with rainwater or install an underground sprinkler system that uses less water than traditional irrigation systems. Beyond this, consider putting in artificial turf if you’re worried about keeping up appearances through summer’s end.

It’s important not only for curb appeal purposes but also because people value green spaces – they feel calmer and happier around them thanks to all of their benefits – including improved air quality. So even if it means just planting some seasonal flowers close by, your guests will view these as welcome additions.

Use Natural Lighting

The summer months consist of longer days, which means plenty of sunlight to take advantage of to light the interior of your home.  Pull the curtains back and open up windows to let natural light filter in.

If your home doesn’t already have a lot of natural light, consider investing in skylights or adding additional lighting fixtures so that you can take advantage of all this summer’s sun has to offer. A well-lit house is inviting for guests exploring it on their own time – plus homeowners want to be able to see the interior of your home.

Schedule Showings Early in the Day or Later at Night

If possible, schedule showings early in the morning or later at night when the heat of the day has subsided. This will help you keep the temperature of your house under control.

If you’re not able to do this with all your appointments for some reason, be sure that you provide ice water for guests touring your home during warmer times. Showing a home on an overcast summer afternoon is also an option if temperatures are getting too hot outside.

Hire H&R Staging and Design to Stage Your House

Hire a professional home stager to come in and stage your house with furniture, linens, artwork, accessories, and more. This will help sell the illusion that someone lives there now – which is great for convincing people who are touring homes on their own time of day or night.

A well-staged home also sells faster because it’s easier for buyers to visualize themselves living there immediately during showings.

Some homeowners find staging stressful but can hire professionals to do this before they move out so they don’t have to worry about it after moving as well!

H&R is one of the best home staging companies in Atlanta and we’ll make sure you sell your house fast – and for a higher price!