Home Staging Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Home Staging Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Change is also constant when it comes to home staging to keep styles fresh, fun, and exciting. Watching out for trends to follow is a sure way to stage your home better this year. Don’t forget to practice them so your home can be on the top notch!

Trends to Follow for This Year

Home staging can never have the same trends over and over again. That’s why this 2018, expect something different than the previous years– something better, something cooler, and something more eye-catching! Here are the home staging trends you should watch out for this year.

1. Vibrant Color Schemes

Sure, the all-time favorites are the neutral colors such as grey and beige. But for this year, expect that vibrant colors such as blush pinks, reds and greens are taking over.

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2. Metallic Accents

These shiny trends are easy to overdo because of their versatility. But make sure to keep things basic such as hanging a silver-accented mirror on a wall.

3. High-Class Kitchen Elements

This year, Quartz is a popular choice for countertops because it goes with pretty much everything. When you mix up the finishes on your cabinets, it makes them stand out more.

4. Geometric Patterns

From mesmerizing wallpaper prints to 3D decors, geometric patterns are trending this 2018 so don’t be surprised if they’re not only found in classrooms, but also in staged homes!

5. Minimalist Furniture

This year, easy to care for pieces of furniture will be more popular than ever. Simple and elegant furniture pieces have already been the favorite for years now. But they will be highlighted even more this 2018.

The Bottom Line

The hottest home staging trends this year will not only make your home prettier and more presentable but also more current and in-style! Sell your home quicker at a higher price by following these trends you won’t regret.