We Made It: Top 100 Home Staging Blogs and Websites for Home Stagers

We Made It: Top 100 Home Staging Blogs and Websites for Home Stagers

We hope you’ve all been following our blog. Every week, we’re trying to come up with helpful ways to make moving, home staging, and everything in between just a tad easier for you.

Our Home Staging Tips is Paying Off

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This week, we got some good news from Feedspot telling us that we’ve made it to their Top 100 Home Staging Blogs and Websites For Home Stagers! What good news. In fact, we made it to #11 on their chart which is so fantastic to learn about. Now, some of you might be thinking, how did we do it? The following are some tips:

Post Consistently

We understand our audience which are homeowners, home stagers, interior designers, and real estate agents. Many of them want to learn more about home staging because it’s such a new industry and it continues to grow. Because of that, we don’t want to get lost in the loop so we’re always posting consistent entries. On average, we post twice a month.

We’re Experts in Home Staging

There are so many things we learn as we go, and we’re sharing them with our audience. If there’s something you can do to fix an issue, talk about it. The chances are, someone is looking for a solution, and you might just have the answer.

We Connect With Others

It’s more than just writing. We’re connecting with other bloggers who are in the same industries to learn more about how we can improve. It’s interesting how much you learn from people so always value their opinions.

There’s Also the SEO

We invest in SEO because it’s important for any blog. As a small business, you need to get yourself exposed to people looking for you. Without visibility, there is no business. Everything from the images, blogs, to the content all have an SEO thought with it because it helps us get discovered!