Maximalist Home Decor? What’s That?!

Maximalist Home Decor Whats That

Have you ever heard of minimalist home decor? What about maximalist? We all know how minimalism tries to make the most aesthetically pleasing decor out of the bare minimum when it comes to decorations, furniture, and art. But with maximalism home decor, you go 180 degrees in the other direction. At HR Staging and Design, we’re home staging experts so we’ve seen it all, even maximalist home decor! Here are the quick points for what maximalist home decor is and how you can use it to stage and decorate your home.

Maximalism vs Minimalism

As mentioned above, minimalism is using very simple colors and decor to make a space feel elegant and clean. Minimalism is one way to make sure that the decorations are neutral and liked by the most people but maximalist home decor on the other hand leans towards personalization. Maximalist home decor uses more color, more artwork, and more decorations to make a big and bold impact.

How To Decorate and Stage for Maximalism

Do you want to decorate your home with maximalist home decor? Here are a few tips that you can use to make your home more inviting and personalized.

Use Lots of Color

First things first, be sure to use a lot of color! Unlike minimalist home decor that uses neutral colors: whites, blacks, grays, and oaks, maximalism should be a splash of vibrant colors. Lean into the blues and red, orange and yellows. Whatever bold color combinations you wish to have can work so don’t be afraid to try out many combinations.

Add Artwork! the More the Merrier

If you’re a fan of hanging up artwork, then this is your time to shine. Maximalist home decor allows for rooms to be decorated with colorful artwork on the walls. The idea is to create a collage of art on the walls to make the walls feel fully decorated.

Add Decor That Is Comfortable

Do you like comfy couches? Tons of throw pillows and blankets? Don’t be afraid to decorate your furniture with comfortable decor such as decorative pillows that make sitting down enjoyable. It may make your couch look busy, but ultimately that is the point of having maximalist home decor.

Strive for Personalization

Finally, strive for personalization over all. With maximalist home decor, you don’t need to worry about keeping things plain and boring. You can lean into the decoration that you really like the most to make the best impression on homebuyers who see your home.

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