Modern vs Classic Home Decor

Modern vs Classic Home Decor

Over the past 10 years, the debate of modern vs classic home decor has been strong and everlasting. Modern home decor has taken on a new role and has become almost on the same level as classical furniture. Decorating a home in either classical or modern style has much to do with the type of lifestyle you want to live. The classical decor has a timeless look and foundation, however, many people are opting for more modern home decor. Both styles are so different from one another, they aren’t able to be intermixed with one another.

The Two Different Types of Furniture Styles in More Detail

The Modern Style

Modern home design has many captivating elements, which have made its way to becoming a very desirable home decor. The simplicity of modern design helps make it very efficient and stylish all at the same time. One of the reasons this style has trumpeted throughout the past years is because of its durability and practicality. Modern furniture is designed with the consumer in mind and is very functional.

The upside to modern furniture is that it is often made with hollow durable materials, which can keep the cost of the production significant less than the cost of classical furniture. With its sleek lines and angular appearance, modern decor can present and create a very clean and contemporary look.

The Classic Traditional Style

Form the Palace of Versailles to the White House, the classical decor has a presence in many historical buildings and refined homes. The classical decor takes on a more handcrafted appeal with its appearance, the furniture from classical design is much larger and considered more grandiose in its nature. Usually handmade it takes a lot more time to make each piece.

The time placed into building each piece of the furniture is a lot more time consuming and costly than modern furniture. Many older homes are decorated in a classical decor and have a great presence about them.

The Bottom Line

The furniture styles each are not just different in the way they look but also the cost of each has a significant price structure difference. More of a younger generation has geared toward having more of a modern style decor in their home, where the baby boomers and their grandparents like to keep to their more traditional style of a classically decorated home. Both are valid options and both are available by the team here at HR Staging and Design.