Summer Home Decorations

Summer Home Decorations

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy all the fun amazing activities summer has to offer. From summer parties to weekend picnics on the beach, summer gives us the feeling of being breezy and carefree. One of the ways to spruce up your summer, is to give your house a decor that represents summertime. There are many ways to enhance your home decor to capture the essence of summer. Decorating your home in a summer look will not only elevate your home, but will also brighten up your mood and spirit.

HR Staging has presented you Ways to Include Summer Decor into your Home

An Array of Light Colors

If you have ever been to the Hamptons or seen it on t.v, you’ll know the Hamptons is a true representation of  summer. Bring the Hamptons into your home by creating a light color scheme of white, grey, and beige. Painting your walls neutral colors will make your home shine brighter, and add a summer effect to the background.

Add Light Colored Furniture

Adding fun light-colored furniture is a great way to bring summer into your home. From lightly colored pillows for your couch to white seashells you can place in your kitchen. Change out small fixtures in your home such as soap dispensers and tissue box holders to lighter colors to make your home brighter. These small changes can make a big difference in the appearance of your home.

Display Colorful Fruit

Nothing says summer like a fresh bowl of delicious fruit. Adding fruit to clear or lightly colored bowl can bring out all the colors in your home. Consider using green apples, peaches, and red strawberries to highlight the color scheme in your home.

Showcase Tranquil Artwork

You will be surprised how much the right art piece can bring out summer. Hanging artwork in your home that has a neutral color pattern will add to your summer home vibe you are creating. You can get many creative art ideas with the use of social media platforms and various art webpages. Beach scenes are an excellent choice of artwork to display the feeling of summer in your home.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Freshly cut flowers are not just for Valentines Day, they also can be used to decorate your home for summer. A bouquet of fresh flowers such as perfectly white Calla Lilies or pretty pink Peonies make up an excellent summer decor. Using a simple clear vase you can display your flowers in the kitchen or family room, bringing a little bit of summer into your home.