The Return of Beige

The Return of Beige

It’s 2017 which means that new trends push aside the fad of last year’s design choices. According to many interior designers, people are switching to beiges as they say goodbye to gray hues. Before, beige used to be ostracized in the color wheel as artists used to describe it as a dull color to work with. Now, beige is gaining a lot of attention, and it’s for a good reason.

As we all know, beige comes in different tones from light to dark.

Shades of Beige

Brownish-gray can help a room filled with white walls pop. Other shades of beige tend to be subtle while others are bold in nature. This was one of the reasons why beige was not the best choice in mind as it gets lost in translation. The lack of pizzazz was something that designers veered away from. But there are plenty of ways to spice up a room with beige!

Add the Browns

Beige and browns are the perfect combinations to a decor scheme. They’re polar in tones but together, they add depth to a home. Any shade of brown will do!

Accessories With Bold Colors

Bolder colors make a home pop filling it with vibrancy. Throw in some rugs, pillows, vases, artwork, chairs and vases, and the home will look good as new.

A Lovely Black and White

Contrasting colors is something we like working with. Black and white will do just the trick as it brings a modernized style to a room.

Try Adding Some Texture

Add different styles of textures so that your beige backdrop doesn’t look stale. Try velvets, metallic, or natural linens to break up the monochromatic schemes.