Three Effective Ways to Sell Your Home

Three Effective Ways to Sell Your Home

Summer is the busiest time for real estate as many homeowners are looking to sell their property. With a spike of competition, you might be wondering, “Is it possible to sell my home quickly?” The answer is, absolutely. The following are ways to sell your home fast and close it without running into issues.

Price Your Property at Competitively

Some homeowners believe they can sell their property high and reduce the price when no one puts an offer. Bear in mind that doing this can polarize potential buyers. Some might not even consider looking at your listing because it’s not within their price range. For instance, let’s say you listed your home at about $280,000, and you price it at about $304,000. Buyers who are looking for a home around the price range of $250,000 to $270,000 will not even consider your home.

Consider Home Staging

Think about the first time you purchased your home? Was it bombarded with clutter? Possibly not. Home stagers like us will help you sell your home by presenting a living space worth remembering. Professionals home stagers will de-clutter and depersonalize your home to cater to the most buyers. As a result, home staging will offer potential buyers a chance to see their dream home into reality.

Make Your Home Digitally Appealing

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors and Google, about 90% of home buyers searched online before buying. Thus, taking great photos of your home can give you a competitive edge. Of course, your listing images should be photographed after depersonalizing and decluttering your home. But don’t just snap it on your camera phone without much thought. Have a professional guide you to capture highlighting features of your home such as the fireplace, open floor plan, pool, large windows, and more.

If you need help getting your home ready for listing, we’re the team to call! Home staging in Atlanta just got easier with HR Staging & Design.