Top 4 Home Staging Tips to Try

Top 4 Home Staging Tips to Try

Selling your home is a big deal; It’s also a lot of effort. Not only do you have to do a hefty amount of clean up but you need to hire a realtor to sell it for you. All in all, it’s a headache to deal with especially when you have your daily routine on top of that. You thought about home staging, but you don’t exactly know where to begin. The following are questions you need to ask before taking on a huge task:
Are you unsure of where to start?

Are you worried about your competition?

Are you worried about how much you’ll spend overall?

Are you uncertain of what to buy to appeal your potential buyers?

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of home staging?

Will you put the time to take on home staging?

If you’re flooded with all these questions, don’t worry! It’s completely normal. Home staging can make or break the sale depending on how appealing you make the property. Now, the time it takes to finish would heavily depend on the condition of your home. In many cases, home staging will only take a few days, but some can take a few months. Still, want to share with you our top four home staging favorites to help you on your next project!

Add a Few Accents

Even though we strongly emphasize on neutral color schemes, it doesn’t hurt to add a few accent colors. When you want to splash color, it’s the space to which you want to put the buyer’s attention to. The color is the best way to expand on accents, so the following are examples.

  • If you have an amazing view, window treatments like curtains will pull the eyes of your buyers towards that direction.
  • Rich colors in your outdoor space will help show off your yard’s living space.
  • When you want the mantel to pop, introduce a different color to the room.
  • Entryways are deserving of artworks or a nice furniture.

Create a Home

Our previous blog from last week, we mentioned that it’s important to remove yourself in the home. Meaning, personalizing your home shouldn’t be a priority because people have different tastes.

Still, you want to make a home that will create a sense of warmth. Pick the most special part about your home and highlight it — the community’s diversity, the climate, the neighborhood, the view — you want to promote this in your listing for a faster purchase.

The following are some of the things you can do to feature your home:

  • Hang a lovely poster on the wall about your community’s historical site or even a popular annual art festival.
  • Add books about your neighborhood or town on the coffee table.
  • Add golf clubs or tennis rackets in the living room to show that the community has those amenities available.

Neutrals That Work

Working with color is a big deal. Believe it or not, neutral colors opens up the room making it appear larger than it really is. But you want consistency in every room. So, ask yourself this: If you were to move furnishings from one room to another, would they work? Would the throw pillows found in the master bedroom look just as good when they are brought in the livingroom?

Using consistent color schemes are extremely helpful in hard-to-deal-with floor plans.

Oversized Accessories

Say goodbye to the small trinkets and hello to bigger accessories. Of course, we don’t suggest for you to go overboard on big items! One way to do this is by scaling through your home and getting rid of things that’re the size of a coffee mug.

When it comes to supersizing, the following are some things to think about:

  • Clear countertops and stage with bigger items.
  • Small table lamps have to go. Add bigger ones for height.
  • Small area rugs have to go unless it’s at the front door where you want to prevent dust from entering the home.