What Homebuyers Want in Their Kitchen

What Homebuyers Want in Their Kitchen

If there is one area on the home that homebuyers want in the houses that they want to buy, it’s a nice kitchen. But it goes beyond that! Within the kitchen, there are features that homebuyers want in their kitchen that can make living in the home more enjoyable. If you can feature these elements in a kitchen, the process of home staging and selling your home quickly will be so much easier. Here are the top 5 features that homebuyers want in their kitchen.

An Open Concept Kitchen

One of the most requested kitchen features that homebuyers want is an open concept kitchen. Open concept kitchens look bigger than they really are and they have a significant psychological effect that can make the entire kitchen and dining room area appear to be roomy, well lit, and more luxurious.


A kitchen island can create so much more room for prepping meals and this is one of the most requested features that homebuyers want in their kitchen. A kitchen island can also give you a lot of extra room that you can use for home staging images.

Elegant Finishes

No kitchen is complete without elegant and stylish kitchen finishes. Some of the most desired kitchen finishes include stylish and functional finishes such as stainless steel appliances, granite or natural stone kitchen countertops, and white kitchen cabinetry just to name a few.

Farmhouse Sinks (Large Single Sinks)

Thanks to HGTV, the popularity of urban farmhouse-style homes has skyrocketed. That’s okay because out of that has come one of the most stylish and functional features that homeowners want in their kitchen— farmhouse sinks. Farmhouse sinks are deep, single sinks that make for great use of space!

Kitchen Dining Areas and Bars

Many new homebuyers are young and starting families of their own which means that many of the features that they look for in a new kitchen are spaces that can allow them to be communal and practical about the way that they use space in their kitchen. Kitchen dining and bars where you can pull up a chair and eat on an island are both aesthetically pleasing and they are functional which makes them highly sought-after kitchen features.

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