When Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your Home?

When Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your Home?

Atlanta is consistently on most real estate investor’s lists for the best city to purchase property. However, if you live in Atlanta, then when is the perfect time to sell your home? H&R Staging & Design is breaking down some huge signs on when is the perfect time to sell your home.

Selling Your Home In Atlanta

Atlanta has gradually shifted into a hot real estate market. With big tech companies moving to Atlanta there is an increase for home buyers. Since there’s an increase of home buyers then there aren’t enough homes available on the market. This shortage is increasing property values and creating bidding wars for home buyers. However, there are a few things to remember when selling your home in Atlanta. You need to have a plan when selling your home because property isn’t easy to find. Also, you need to weigh out all of your options before thinking about selling your home.

You Have A Moving Plan

Since the Atlanta real estate market is hot then you need to weigh out your options before selling your home. Property is extremely difficult to find so do you have another home or apartment you can move into? Selling your home can be easy in this hot seller’s market. Also, do you plan on retiring or moving out of state in the near future? All of these questions are important questions that you need to ask yourself. If you have another property to move into then that is the perfect time to sell your real estate. In fact, real estate staging can actually improve the chances of selling your home.

Home Equity Skyrockets

With homebuyers in an all-out war against each other to purchase a home then the home’s equity increases. However, depending on the location then the home equity can skyrocket to high amounts. Home equity is defined as the true value of your home minus liens, mortgages and other debts. This increased value means more potential profit if the home were to sell. In most cases, a home is purchased at a set-valued amount then that amount changes over time depending on the economy and its location. The home equity adds on to that value making the property more valuable than when it was first purchased.

Unsolicited Home Offers

In some cases, people make unsolicited offers to homeowners when their property isn’t up for sale. This is a desperate tactic used by home buyers to get a homeowner’s attention. If you’re experiencing this then that is a good sign to sell your home. In this unsolicited situation, the homeowner has all the power and can determine the deal they desire. People make offers without even seeing the interior design staging of the home. So, homeowners can use this to their advantage.

Using Home Staging To Sell Your Home

A home staging company helps anyone with home staging so that their home looks the best before hitting the real estate market. They design, organize and take the best pleasing photos for your home. This ensures that only the best photos are available for buyers to see about your property.