6 Common Painting Mistakes that Almost Everyone Makes

6 Common Painting Mistakes that Almost Everyone Makes

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

New paint for your home is always a fun project. But it really makes a difference if you’re doing it correctly or not. Paint supplies and paint itself isn’t cheap, especially if it’s good quality. If you’re looking to do a good job without being wasteful of product and time check out these six common painting mistakes you can avoid in your next painting project.

Make Every Paint Job Worth It

1. Not cleaning the walls

Take the time to prep your walls that’s being painted. This will prevent dust particles or hair from sticking to the wall causing the painted wall to look rippled, textured or uneven. You’ll also notice the paint won’t glide on as smooth. How to properly clean your walls before you paint; run a vacuum over the walls and wash with a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

2. Not using real painter’s tape

One mistake people make when painting their home themselves is not using actual painter’s tape. Painter’s tape allows every paint job to have straight edges and a cleaner finish. Be sure to take your time applying the tape and fully seal the edges by smoothing out air bubbles to prevent drips.

3. Not using primer

Although it may be obvious to always use primer, people still skip this important step. Paint primer makes a huge difference with the paint’s finish and it ensures its longevity. It also makes the painting application to go on smoother and brighter.

4. Using the wrong, cheap brushes

Remember, you get what you pay for. Investing in quality, proper brushes you need is what makes all the difference. If you’re painting with latex paint, opt for brushes with synthetic (nylon/polyester) bristles. If your paint is oil-based, use a natural bristle brush instead. All in all, if you’re investing in high-quality paint, invest in well-crafted brushes as well.

5. Wrong painting techniques

If you have no experience in painting a home, you shouldn’t be dunking your paint brush completely into the paint can. This allows excess dripping and wasted product. Instead, just dip your brush a third of the way. Also, have the patience to wait for a second coat. It’s always best to gradually build paint layers than to smack loads of paint for the first layer.

6. Not cleaning up properly

Especially if you’re investing in expensive paint and high-quality brushes, don’t just throw them aside in the garage. Although it can be easy to do so after a tiring day of painting, but taking the time to properly wash and store your paint supplies will help them hold their shape and quality for the next time you use them.