5 Benefits of a Minimalist Home

5 Benefits of a Minimalist Home

According to the LA Times, “There are 300,000 items in the average American home.” That’s a lot of stuff. In addition, according to NPR, “The average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size over the past 50 years.” By adopting a minimalist lifestyle in our homes, we open doors to a non-material world with many great benefits. Living minimally in our homes creates opportunities for a healthier lifestyle, and here’s five reasons how.

Why a Minimal Home is a Healthy Home

1. Less stress, more happiness

Imagine how less stressed out you would be with a house that’s not filled with junk and clutter? A minimalist home is remarkably less stressful than the average home. With less stuff, the less cleaning and less fear of misplacing things.

2. Better health and relationships

When you spend less time worrying about materialistic possessions, the more freedom you have to focus on what matters most. We have a lot more time to spend bettering ourselves in all aspects of our lives. From our health and relationships to our dreams and goals, we feel more empowered in our lives than being controlled by material things.

3. Self-confidence

In an age where materialism is found everywhere we go, it can be a challenge to not care about having the latest shoes or car. But when we learn how to let go and head towards a minimal lifestyle, we start to feel good about ourselves without those things. It’s definitely a freeing feeling

4. Focus on what matters most

The connection with our possessions has a great impact on our emotional and mental health. When we get rid of unnecessary items and activities in our lives, we can focus on a greater purpose. You’ll feel a lot more motivated while focusing on a clearer vision in what you truly want in life.

5. Easy maintenance

In a minimalist home, you spend less time maintaining it and all the things in it. Enjoy a stress free lifestyle trying to upkeep your belongings. You’ll even notice more cash in your wallet that’s worth investing in more things and experiences a lot more valuable.