Can You Buy Furniture From A Staging Company?

Can You Buy Furniture From A Staging Company

When you’re on the market to purchase a new home, you are in the market for all the accessories that come with that new home. Oftentimes, when you go to look at a potential home for yourself and your family, the home will be staged to show what the home could potentially look like if you were to live in it. The point of staging a home is to make home buyers want to buy the home. But can you buy furniture from a staging company in Atlanta? This blog will answer this question, among others!

What Furniture Do You Like In The House?

The first thing you need to know is which pieces of furniture in the home are the furniture that you like. There will most likely be at least a few things that would change about the way the home is set up. It’s best to tell your realtor which furniture pieces you like and have them write down the furniture names so they don’t forget. Remember, your realtor is showing this house to multiple people.

You can also take photos of the pieces that you like so you can show your realtor after your tour of the house is over.

Short Answer Is Yes

Home Staging companies such as HR Staging & Design use furniture companies to stage homes for homeowners who are wanting to sell their homes. The goal of staging is to have the home buyers purchase the home fast and want to have at least some of the furniture that the home is staged within the home after it is purchased.

Remember, staged homes are designed to sell quickly and for top dollar. That means the home has been cleaned up, decluttered, and made more appealing to buyers. But you might also find that some of the furniture in these homes isn’t necessarily there for your enjoyment or comfort. It is staged to show its potential.

Does The Furniture Fit Your Lifestyle?

If you’re considering buying furniture from a furniture staging company, think about how much time and effort it will take for this piece to work in your own home after the sale closes. If the piece doesn’t fit into your lifestyle now or later on down the road, don’t waste your time or money on it!

If you see the furniture that you love and you can see it fitting in with your lifestyle perfectly, then fantastic! Most staging companies will work with furniture stores if there needs to be new furniture in the house in order to sell. In this case, you can ask your real estate agent to give you the name and number of the furniture store, and you will be able to get the exact piece from them. Usually, this also comes with free delivery.

Buying Is One Less Thing To Transport

When you’re moving to a new home, you may not want to move some of the old furniture that you don’t use anymore. In this case, you can sell the old furniture and have one less belonging to put in a moving truck.

The furniture can be delivered to your new home by the furniture company that works with the staging company.

Staging Companies May Get Discounts

You may get discounts on furniture if you buy from the staged home, which may be cheaper than moving your current furniture from one location to another. If you buy from a staging company, you know the furniture is quality.

Oftentimes, when a staging company is working with a local retailer, and a client buys from the home, they will get a discount because they bought the furniture through the home sale.

At HR Staging & Design, our priority is to get all our client’s homes sold in a timely manner and help our local furniture retailers at the same time.