Top 4 Decorating Mistakes 

Top 4 Decorating Mistakes

So many mistakes can be made with decorating mistakes. The problem is, you don’t even know you’re making them. If you are feeling unhappy in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other space in your house, it could be because of decorating mistakes that are horrendous and those curtains you thought were cute are blocking that beautiful sunlight that was making everyone happy.

Small Rugs

Rugs can be expensive, but they are definitely worth the price. It is easy to talk yourself into the smaller size for half the price, but don’t do it. The rule of thumb for buying an area rug is to measure the space twice and leave around 6” of room around the perimeter.

Be sure to leave space for any vents and doors to open. By purchasing a larger rug, you will have unified the room.

Not Enough Light

This one can be a huge problem as it makes space look extremely uninviting. A dark room feels awkward and can put guests in a mood. Instead, add more light fixtures and have a combination of floor lamps, overhead fixtures, and table lamps. With the right lighting, your home will feel bright and light.

Hanging Art Too High

This is a common mistake made by many. Art should be hung at the viewer’s sightline which can be around 57” from the floor. If you find that this is too low for you, feel free to use yourself as a guide and go from there.

Using the furniture and other items in the space are also great indications for where the art should be located. A good rule of thumb is anywhere from 5”-8” if you are using the sofa as a guide

Fear of Color

Added color can do wonders to your home. Staying within the neutral tones just to play it safe is not very exciting. Before committing to a color, try creating some Pinterest boards with colors you think will go well in your space.

If a colored wall is too intimidating, throw in some colorful pillows or accent rugs. Don’t give up on color just because of the intimidation factor. Feel free to test out a few items. Worst case, you return them and find something new.