Unique Holiday Themes to Decorate Your Home this Season

Unique Holiday Themes to Decorate Your Home this Season

It’s that time of year again for the holidays! The air is filled with holiday cheer and our homes is decorated with candles, ribbons, and ornaments galore! But what and how to decorate this year without getting bored of the usual Christmas traditions? It’s time to get creative and step away from the typical go-to, and try decking the halls this year with something new and exciting for loved ones to enjoy. Here are several unique holiday themes you can get inspired of decorating your home with this year!

Get Festive with your Holiday Decor this Season

White Christmas

Tired of the traditional red and green decor? Why not switch it up this year and dream of a white Christmas, instead? With lots of options for a white Christmas tree and frosted ornaments, give your home that true winter feel of purity and simplicity of white. While all-white decor can look ravishing, don’t feel limited to only white– add pops of color where needed! Add festive color to your home with various gift wrap or unique accents for a nice contrast that compliments the white furnishing.

Holiday Masquerade

Treat your home to a playful colors and bold designs like a dazzling masquerade. From turquoise to fuchsia, don’t be afraid to go outside of the traditional holiday colors of red and green. Try experimenting with dynamic shapes for ornaments and decor to give your home a new and unexpected look.

Plaid Holiday

If there was a pattern that wasn’t given enough credit for the holidays, it must be plaid. Old school and simplistic, plaid is often overlooked to use as a holiday decor theme for home, but when done right, it can look wonderful. Use plaid as a garland for the tree, wrapping paper and ribbon, and even on stockings.

Metallic Palace

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with golds, silvers, and metallics galore! You can even add glitter accents give your home that extra luxurious and glamorous feel. Choose gold or silver embellishments (or mix them together) to impress your guests for that next holiday gathering.

Custom Christmas

Who said Christmas needs to be cookie cutter when it comes to holiday decor? Make this season your very own by decking the halls with what means the most to you (and your family)! Have a favorite sports team? Have fun decorating the house with your sports teams colors and logo. Have a favorite Disney movie or iconic film? Turn heads in your home with what creative decor ideas you come up with. The possibilities are endless!