Home Decor Ideas Trending this Spring

Home Decor Ideas Trending this Spring

It is that time of year again to transition your home from Winter to Spring and we are here for it. This process can be a lot of fun and super simple with a few easy steps. Let’s remove the winter decor and add a fun spring touch with these eight really simple ideas.

8 Spring Trends for Your Home Decor

Mix and Match Patterns

The key to mixing patterns and colors is to keep the tone similar. If you’re loving pink for spring, get different shade of pink with paisley, floral, and a checkered design. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns. In fact, this spring patterns are a popular look. When mixing patterns, remember to keep something in the space neutral to tie it all together. Start small by introducing a patterned pillow or rug.


Another popular spring trend is adding texture to your space. This can be done subtly by adding small decorative items around the house. Some examples would be wall art, coasters, and pillows.


Not only is this mustard color making its way into spring fashion, but it is also making its way into the home. Get ready because you will be seeing a lot of this color this spring. This color is making its way on table lamps, throws, and even rugs.


A few ceramic home décor items to consider for this spring are jugs and vases. Ceramics are also a great way to incorporate patterns and texture into your space.

Open Shelving

We are transitioning from hiding out spices, dishes, bowls, cups, and glasses to an open shelving unit. It is now trendy to have your items show. This is a great way to help you get organized.


Not only is the mustard color making its way into our homes, but so is coral and the two together are a perfect combination. No need to go crazy with this color. Be conservative and add small touches of coral to one or two spaces.

Straw baskets

These are a functional and decorative storage trend happening this Spring. These are perfect to hold blankets, linens, pillows, and plants.


Indoor plants are having a moment this spring. Get ready to see them everywhere with all shapes and sizes. If you’re worried you do not have much of a green thumb, then invest in some fake plants that look just as great and will give some life to your home.