Ways to Stage a Room For Kids

Ways to Stage a Kid's Room

Your house is up for sale, you have almost every room staged to attract potential buyers, however, how do you stage a room for kids? You are not alone with being perplexed about how to stage your kid’s room. The reality is because you have kids you are more likely to attract a family with kids to purchase your home, so the key is creating the perfect kid’s room to attract a potential family. You want to capture the essence of a kids room from them sleeping, to having playtime and them completing their homework. It’s all about visualization for the family viewing your home, so they can imagine their lives in your home.

With all the homes for sale, you need to ensure your home stands above the rest, you want to imprint an everlasting image with the people coming to look at your home. HR Design and Interiors believes in taking the time to stage your home, in order to make your home more competitive on the market.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when staging a kid’s room

Keep It Simple

This is where the saying “Less is more” definitely applies. You may be tempted to want to stage your kid’s room in a popular theme that is cute, however when you go specific on a theme your taste may not reflect the same taste of the potential buyers, so being more neutral gives the buyer a more open-minded vision of the room. When you paint the room try using a more neutral color pattern like greys and whites, this gives the room a gender-neutral aspect and allows parents to visualize the furniture they plan to place in the room. If you would like to do a theme, try and simplify it as much as possible, giving it more a subtleness.


Ways to Stage a Room For Kids

More Space to Play

Kids love to play, they can play in their room for hours upon hours, which can give parents the necessary break they need. One of the key components to a kids room is having an area with open space, which gives kids the amount of room to play in. Give your potential buyers an idea of space by placing a few toys in the most open space of the room. You might try placing the bed, desk, and dresser in the corner of the room leaving ample room for open space. This allows families to imagine their children in their room playing.

Add an Educational Element

What’s better than kids coming home from school heading to their room and completing their homework?

All parents want to see their children exceed in academics, so why not show potential buyers the rooms educational component. By placing a desk in the room along with some small storage bins and a lamp, provides an intellectual component. Parents want to envision their children in all roles in their room, from sleeping time to homework time. Make sure by the desk the outlets are visible without any plug-ins if you can.