Signs Your Home Isn’t Ready for Listing

Signs Your Home Isn’t Ready for Listing

While you may be in a hurry to list your home as quickly as possible so that you can move into the next chapter of your life, there are some telltale signs your home isn’t ready for listing. There are a few things that you need to make sure you check off of your to-do list before you proceed to list your home to prevent your home from spending too long on the market or selling far under your asking price. Here are signs from HR Staging and Design Atlanta that your home isn’t ready for listing.

Your Carpets Are Dirty

Selling your home is all about how prospective buyers perceive your home. If a potential buyer walks into your home to tour it and the carpets are stained and have odors from pets, buyers will be less impressed by the property. Carpets are expensive investments for homeowners and you can make your home more appealing by having your carpets cleaned by a professional company.

You Have Not Staged Your Home

It’s been proven that homes that are professionally staged spend less time on the market and sell for a higher value than homes that are not staged. This has to do with the added perceived value of the home when prospective buyers see the home set up. Just make sure that you avoid these 4 home decorating mistakes.

Your House Needs Minor Repairs

Does your house have leaky faucets, small holes in the walls, or cabinet hardware that needs to be fixed? Without making these minor repairs to your home, you run the risk of depreciating the perceived value of your home. These are small, relatively inexpensive fixes that can add a lot of appeal to your home once it goes live on the market.

Your House Could Use a Paint Job

In the spirit of making minor repairs and upgrades to your home, you will want to be wary of listing your home before you’ve given it a fresh coat of paint. Giving your home a fresh layer of paint to in interior as well as the exterior can add a lot of appeal to your home! Try these 7 useful tips for choosing the right paint color for your home!

Your Drive Way Is Stained With Oil

Your driveway is one of the first areas of your home that prospective home buyers. A pristine driveway can add curb appeal to your home so it’s important that it is free of all stains from motor oil. Take the time to clean and scrub your driveway so that the perceived value of your home is not depreciated before homebuyers walk into your home.