5 Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Many people get excited about the change in seasons, which is why you’ll see so many brands and businesses roll out special décor, sales and offers during the fall to take advantage of what people are interested in. This also makes it a great time to sell your home. By incorporating seasonal touches into your home, staging is a smart way to engage the imaginations of buyers and help them picture themselves living there during a festive time of year.

Fall Home Staging Tips

Try these staging tips to prepare your home for fall by tapping into the senses of the season for a faster buy:

1. Brighten Up the Mood

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, this time change is actually a good thing for sellers. Well-lit rooms tend to look larger, but they also become more inviting. Before a showing, you should make sure to turn on all your lights, especially the lights you can see from the street. Buyers will feel that ‘warm glow welcome’ as soon as they pull up.

2. Curb Appeal

Embrace the natural hues of the season by adding fall-colored foliage and flowers to your outdoor landscape. Plants and flowers like mums, goldenrods, smoke bush, Virginia Sweetspire, Heleniums, burning bushes, witch-hazel and Viburnum are all plants that thrive in colder temps and they produce a gorgeous, seasonal landscape.

3. Light Their Inspiration

When you close your eyes imagine yourself in a warm, snug room, do you see a crackling bright fire as part of the picture? A lot of buyers do. Fewer things say “welcome home” than a fire burning in the fireplace along with some well-placed candles. Take advantage of the season and help buyers visualize themselves at home during your open house. If you’re showing a home in the evening, light up the walkway to the front door and have all the outside lights on. As previously mentioned, turn on the lights inside the home to show off how spacious and bright the property is.

4. Seasonal Scents

Generally when showing a home, many realtors stick to unscented candles, because you never want to isolate a potential buyer who has a sensitivity to a certain scent. If you’re showing your home in the fall, however, you might want to consider breaking that rule and light a few fall scented candles (in the same scent). Evoking memories of apple pie, pumpkin carving, leaves, maple and other family-friendly activities generally leave buyers with positive feelings of a happy home.

5. Cozy Comfort

Consider the coziness factor of your home and determine whether additional throw pillows or soft, fluffy blankets can help with the effect. Anything that encourages a buyer to feel more relaxed and at home, will help you to move your home off the market faster.