Tips for Creating a Theater Room in your Home 

Tips for Creating a Theater Room in your Home

Imagine giving a friend a tour of your home,  and when you take them into the next room their jaw drops. Their jaw dropped because they are checking out your state of the art home movie theater. The amazement is intensified because you are living in a standard 2,200 sq ft home, so how is this possible?

Once a upon a time, the idea of having a home theater room was designated to the rich and famous with homes over 5,000 sqft. With all the hype that centered around celebrity home theaters, the time finally came to make this option available to everyone. Home theaters add a unique concept to homes, making them stand out and separate from the general masses. Theater rooms not only add tremendous value to your home but also create another room to entertain friends and family. Take a look at HR Staging and Design tips to creating a home theater.

Creating a Theater Room in your Home

Locate an available room in your home

Home theaters are all about creating space for them to exist. When your home isn’t a whopping 7,000 sqft with loads of space, it can be a challenge on where to place a home theater. First, take a look at your entire home. Is there a room you don’t use that often, a spare guest room, an office, or even a spare garage? Regardless of the size of your home, there always can be adjustments made with rooms to fit in a home theater. Some might be quick to want to use their family room as a theater room, however, this isn’t the ideal theater room setup to create the ultimate theater room feel. You might have to rearrange an existing room to create the space needed for your home theater room.

Create the space

Once you have located a room you wish to use for your home theater, take the time to decide how you want your home theater to appear. Take a look at the different colors you may want your theater room to and look at the structural space as well. Are you planning on different level seating, if so you will need to either purchase a platform or have custom construction done to your room? A pre-built movie theater platform price ranges from $300- $2,500 depending on the size. The pre-built platforms can be a much more affordable option and easier installation than having a complete overhaul reconstruction done to a room.

Video and Sound System

Once you have your movie theater room picked out and a platform installed, the next step is to choose a video and sound system. This is always the fun part of the process, choosing from different movie theater sound systems and video displays. There are many different types of options to pick from when deciding upon a home entertainment center, the key is to research and find out which systems will best fit your home