How to Pick Out Home Decor for Spring

How to Pick Out Home Decor for Spring

It’s finally time to say goodbye to winter candles and say hello to spring florals!

As the weather starts to warm and the winter vibes are fading away, it’s time to get in season for a new season of cheer and vibrance. Spring is a time of renewal and prosperity, so why not set the atmosphere in your home to get inspired? Here are some simple and affordable ways to get your home in the springtime spirit!

Spring into Springtime Decor

1. Pillows and throws

Picking out bright colored pillows and blankets are a simple way to illuminate a room just in time for spring. Considering most furniture are neutral colors like whites, browns, blacks, and grays, it’s easy to mix and match different colors. Feel free to experiment with loud prints, vibrant colors, and light-weight textures you can easily throw on your sofas and chairs.

2. Plants

Let Mother Nature do the decorating for you! Real flowers and fruits can give your home a beautiful floral and sweet scent, and you have the joy of changing them out for a new color palette or style whenever they gone bad. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, fake bouquets and fruit decor last longer and you have the advantage of mixing and matching different flowers around the house. You also have the option of choosing indoor plants (real or fake) to give your home that organic feel. It’s always a fun chore watering them and watching them grow! Choosing fun vases, pots, and trays are always a joy for decoration details and can easily cheer up any space in your home.

3. Pictures and art

Make your home more genuine by hanging or setting picture frames around the house. This is an effortless way to take up large spaces that can be an eyesore and to let your creative side flowing. With the digital age making print outs more rare, treasure your portraits and memories for everyone to share. There are plenty of fun frames of all shapes, sizes, and styles to make framing your pictures and art more charming!

4. Accents

The little things are what matters the most. Adding big or small spring accents makes all the difference for decorating a home for spring. Let your imagination run wild and get in touch with your interests and passions. From animals to unique shapes, there are no rules to choosing the correct accent. Maybe small antiques or a rustic birdcage to put a small candle in, there are so many ways to express your personality. Simply pick a theme or color palette for your home or room and take it from there!