Staging Tips for Small Rooms

Staging Tips for Small Rooms

Ever wondered how ironic it is when a room is filled, it looks so big and when it’s bare and empty, you’d be surprised how small it is? It’s all because of the power of aesthetic. When it comes to staging a small room, it is never impossible to maximize the space to make it look bigger and more appealing.

Small Aesthetics are Big Help

Empty houses, as well as empty rooms, are harder to sell because it can be difficult to imagine how spaces can be set up. However, if it gets overdone, a room may appear cluttered and untidy that potential buyers might get turned off. Whether you are looking for ways to make extra money, upgrading, downgrading, or moving for a new job opportunity, it’s always great to know how you can tweak a little to reach the full potential of your room. Here are some staging tips best for small rooms.

Pick a Compact Bed

Sure, it may be much more comfortable and spacious while sleeping. But a king-sized bed may not be a good idea for a small room. Pick a smaller bed (and a bed frame) that doubles as a storage such as bed headboards with bookshelves and drawers. They help a lot in saving space in your room.


Don’t overfill the room. In fact, when it comes to staging, less is more. You just have to make sure to keep it balanced. Remove any unnecessary chunky types of furniture that don’t only block the way but also upsets the eye.

Pick Light, Neutral Colors

This applies to everything that can be found in the room– bed sheets, walls, decorations, curtains, etc. Light bedroom colors visually stretch the size of a small bedroom, and they can add spaciousness as well.

Use Mirrors and Natural Lighting

Say yes to small lamps and no to giant chandeliers or lights with big lampshades. The effect of bringing efficient and bright lighting fixtures is dramatic. Light can trick the eye and make the room look bigger. It enhances a room to a brighter and more functional one that can surely add beauty to it. Mirrors, on the other hand, enlarge spaces by means of reflecting light from windows and doubling the visual space.

Decorate with some stripes

Be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal, stripes make great accents to a small room. They look elegant and stretch the space in small rooms. Whether to choose to style it on your bed sheet, wall or floor, you can never go wrong with some stripes.

Keep it Clean

Your room is small enough to fit everything in there. So there’s no way to have space for unnecessary dirt and clutter. It will be more inviting for potential buyers if they can freely move around and appreciate the nice room staging you did instead.

The Bottom Line

The good news is that even the smallest of rooms can be transformed into a stylish, functional one and be visually larger. A few simple adjustments can make drastic changes if done creatively. Not only your small bedroom can look more appealing, but it can also attract buyers to fall into the staging you’ve prepared for them.