Staging Your Home on a Budget

Staging Your Home on a Budget

Staging your home on a budget can be a lot of fun – especially when you know it can help you sell your home fast. If you’re running low on cash, but looking to make your home stand out from the rest of the homes on the market, there are a few simple and easy tricks from H R Staging & Design that can keep your pockets full and customers assembling.

Less Is More

Most homeowners believe that more furniture, more art, and more décor will make your home sell. Wrong! Go with the minimalist concept of, “less is more” and you will work magic on your home. You want people to imagine themselves living in your home so the less you have the better. The easiest trick to stage your home is to declutter. Remove any items that are unnecessary for others to see. Items such as fridge magnets, family photos, and kid’s toys are unnecessary for staging. Fewer items in the home show a more well-organized space that others will love.

Change the Furniture

Instead of worrying about buying new furniture, use what you have. Move things around to create a new look and focus on traffic flow when rearranging. Get creative and switch up the furniture in different rooms to create a new atmosphere. In the event that you have furniture you know is not worthy of showcasing, buy some furniture coverings to change it up.

Neutralize Room Colors

Remember that you want to appeal to the masses. What might look good to you and your family might not look good to others. Thankfully, there is an easy and budget-friendly solution to this. If you have bright colored rooms, paint them a neutral color such as tan, cream, white, or gray. Neutral colors are less expensive and help neutralize the rooms. If you already have neutral rooms, add white accents to help them stand out. White towels and curtains will offer a new appearance your home staging was missing.


Lighting is a must in home staging and an excellent way to make your home stand out. This is a great way to stay within your budget, but also helps make an important change to the home. First, go through all the lights in the home and check which lights do not work. You will want to begin by changing all broken light fixtures or bulbs. After, focus on the rooms you would like to highlight and consider adding additional lighting to those rooms. Brighter light bulbs make a huge difference in the home.

Curb Appeal

The first thing future home buyers see is the outside of the home. Why not make a good impression before anyone walks in? There are a few, budget-friendly ideas to spruce up the outside of the home. First, remove any weeds, branches, or overgrown bushes that don’t look so nice. Second, strategically stage the furniture on the deck or patio of your home. Not only will this tip show off the outside of the home, but it will show the purpose of it too.